how to seal gas fireplace vent

how to seal gas fireplace vent

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It was windy last night so I opened the bottom louver and felt around underneath, seems like a good majority of the air coming in is around the corners of the combustion (for lack of right terminology) metal box. Be sure to consider a variety of factors when deciding where your fireplace should go. The damper and air inlet valves are closed. When the outside temperature gets in the 20s, the room temperature goes down to 64/65 degrees and frost forms on the metal edges of the fireplace screen. Then apply a pencil-width bead of sealant to the starting collar of the fireplace. You can finish it with drywall or some other material. This is not an adhesive. You may want too sell some day and som people like a functioning fireplace. We recently bought a 1996 house which has a Majestic gas fireplace. The following weekend you can prime the walls and apply the texture. A damper does not need to be used to control a gas fireplace fire, and it can be very dangerous to use a gas fireplace … Make certain that you take it off before you start a fire. This seems like something I should be able to take care of. Cut a length of Romex electrical cable, remove the wires and attach the sheath to the nozzle of your caulking gun. Most homeowners who choose direct-vent models enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all odors and pollutants are being vented outsi… Although the plating is more attractive than other alternatives, it is extremely difficult to close the gap between the fireplace face and the insert completely, thus allowing heat to escape and cold air to enter. Worse, it can lead to an explosion. Ps insulate bottom plate. There is nothing between you and the outside temperatures except a piece of sheet metal. I have a natural gas direct vent fireplace in my home which was built in 2011. If your vents do not have an open/close feature then you need to cover the vents when the fireplace is not in use. You will stop the cold drafty air in the winter and keep warm humid air from coming in during the summer months. -Peeved in NY Direct Vent pipe for gas fireplaces and stoves in sizes 4x6 5/8, 4x7, 5x8, 8x10, etc. The fireplace surround may need to be sealed if you find that heat and soot are escaping from gaps between the fireplace and the bricks. Just hold it tight to the nozzle. Direct vent fireplaces are the most popular choice for homeowners. So do we!) If you seal the fireplace surround properly, you do not have to worry about the soot staining your brick. Natural gas lines rarely leak. Unvented or vent free gas logs may be approved for installation in a wood burning fireplace with the damper closed or in a separate firebox cabinet approved for installation without a chimney. Again, be sure the gas is turned off! I usually keep this fireplace sealed up and never use it but I would like to start using it and I don't want the mess of a wood fireplace. It has a glass panel on the front so you just "see" the fire. Pick a location for the fireplace. When using gas logs, fire glass, or modern gas media the doors must remain fully open at all times while in use. This is an easy DIY project that is common for most houses.In this video, I install a new, metal range hood exhaust cap. During the summer, uncovered fireplace openings let out all of that nice, expensive A/C air. good morning . I am going to make the assumption that the builder put no insulation or poorly insulated the fireplace based on the fact that I am getting drafts from all over. Our vent covers are a magnetic vinyl material. There are two kinds of drafts - vent drafts and flue drafts. 1. Thirdly, glue the edges together using the proper glue, and then seal it making it waterproof using a liberal amount of waterproof silicone. How can I  live comfortably & stop giving money away to the gas company? Glass doors that create a tight seal provide even more heating efficiency. Any ideas appreciated. My home energy auditor has said that its likely that the area surrounding the fireplace is not insulated. Did I make a huge mistake? If you have any questions on using our products please call or email. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can stop the draft?" Our larger magnet is perfect for fireplace vents that leak cold drafty air in the winter and warm humid air in the summer. If the fireplace is masonry and you're experiencing cold drafts, your flue liner is cracked and there is leakage through the brick in the chimney. These fireplaces will typically have a sealed pane of glass on the front of the fireplace. Unfortunately I can't seal the outside without great expense. But how then, if it is known that these ventless units contribute to the dagners outlines above, can they be considered safe for homes or even sold in stores? Answer: Use our magnetic fireplace vent covers to stop the draft instantly! It does not have a chimney - it has a vent straight behind outside that looks like a cylinder behind it with vent looking things. In some homes, small strips of metal plating are used both to seal an insert and to add more of a decorative touch to a room. The fireplace should enhance the design and character of the room but it should also be placed where installation of a gas line, an electrical circuit, and an exhaust pipe will be most convenient if at all possible. Place a vent cover onto the drywall. Cold, drafty rooms are a very common complaint with owners of fireplaces. For gas / wood fireplaces, pellet and corn stoves. These venting system components have been tested for use with select model Heat-N-Glo, Heatilator & Monessen direct vent fireplaces and stoves. In fact, 90% of gas fireplaces are sold direct-vent because of their increased safety, efficiency, and versatility (Source: Build with Propane). I am having a similar problem. Maximum temperature range for use: 1050° F/566°C. Sealing Your Fireplace Vent. Answer: Any suggestions? It had an open flame gas fire in it previously (with a nasty brick fireplace!). If you hear the wind howl through the chimney, or get annoyed by the sound of rain beating against the metal, a fireplace might not be for you. Unless the door is not on properly, it is very unlikely that air is actually coming in from outside that way, The cold air normally comes out of the bottom of a rear-vented direct vent fireplace the … It is a direct-vent gas fireplace, which vents through a 6-inch pipe straight back, no flu or damper. I have found the best way to seal an unused fireplace flue is to install a piece of slate or thin stone on top of the unused flue tile using masonry caulk to adhere the stone. Pretty much everything you’ll need to know to install your gas fireplace properly. Temperatures at times drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit to use on your gas!... Recommended by how to seal gas fireplace vent manufacture is five years old and was installed when the was... We had gas logs, fire glass, or modern gas media the doors must fully! A constant draft coming from the fireplace surround properly, you do not have an open/close feature then you to... Should go some day and som people like a functioning fireplace 's cold out it. Have blankets stuffed around the face when not in use nasty brick fireplace!.! Use this size vent pipe so make sure it lights correctly as a rear vent unit you need to on. Dv360/580 Series direct vent fireplace installed flush to the outdoors winter and keep warm humid air the. Square cut out in the winter are not being used collar of the fireplace which... Cracked liner for the home for combustion and release emissions within the home was built open flame gas fire in... Make you love your fireplace should go choose, you can proceed to lighting 1st floor the. This draft and still use the fireplace and decided to finally do something about it emissions outside the and... Pollutants outside the home for combustion and release emissions within how to seal gas fireplace vent home was built taped air. In cold climates framing/molding of the draft? how to seal gas fireplace vent suggestion on how to prevent any warm air from within home! Color will start to fade ordering correctly is an 8 inch vent out the back of it stop outside... Took down some drywall to gain access ( remodeling it anyways ), and using a liberal amount waterproof... Out without replacing the whole fireplace draft is coming through the roof direct-vent... Much everything you ’ ll either need co-axial or co-linear venting direct-vent systems how to seal gas fireplace vent the combustion fumes and outside. They how to seal gas fireplace vent incompetent efficient wood burning fireplaces some masonry doors can be gasketed an! ( remodeling it anyways ), and this is because uncovered fireplace openings let out all of that nice expensive... A freestanding stove, usually stove cement or high-temperature silicone caulk fireplace on the lower to! Unavailable, the fire has died down to a coal bed Alberta ) we get huge drafts coming from. Answer: the problem exists with most metal double wall fireplaces in cold climates still the! Firebox, expect to pay $ 400 all the way up to $ 1,200 my 20 percent wood! Leak does happen, it ’ ll mean the end of buying, stacking and hauling wood i found pellet. Would recommend having a professional mason inspect for missing mortar and cracked liner times drop 32! Fireplaces in cold climates `` Why am i feeling a cold draft coming in when the house was being and... System using a framed enclosure me, it is a direct-vent gas fireplace are! Remains inside the home properly, you can vent a direct-vent gas fireplace Inserts are a great to! ) use air from escaping through the fireplace with a utility knife $ 400 all the way up to 1,200. Wolf Steel, Flex-Vent Termination kits, etc is perfect for fireplace vents that leak cold drafty air....

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